Sonny Jurgensen – video

Sonny Jurgensen Highlights

A precision passer who was ahead of his time. The man with the "Golden Arm"

tom brady SONNY JURGENSEN & the Skins vs the Cowboys 1965 1966 1967

SONNY JURGENSEN dismantles Dallas with 4td, 3td & 4td performances including a 400 yard and 300 yard game when they ...

Brothers of the Legacy

Bonds forged in the heat of battle, two remarkable Redskins forever impacted the franchise. As teammates, partners and friends, ...

Sonny Jurgensen Throwing Breakdown

Sonny Jurgensen is way past due for a Throw Breakdown! We've received a ton of recommendations for him so HERE HE IS!

tom brady SONNY JURGENSEN NFL Elite QB 1968 Game One: 4 TDs 14 for 21 276 yds vs BEARS 1968 game 1

Sonny Jurgensen HOF dominates vaunted Bears defense. 4 TDs, incl. 99 Yarder 149.6 QB Rating. 14 of 21 for 276 yards.

Our Town Sonny Jurgensen Part One of Two

Listen in as Andy Ockershausen hosts the legendary Sonny Jurgensen on Our Town this week. You'll feel like you're part of an ...

NFL Films: Vince Lombardi-Washington Redskins

This video is a telecast, broadcast, and production of NFL Films. I claim no ownership of this material, and do not profit from it in ...

George Allen Reminisces about Joe Theismann, Sonny Jurgensen, Deacon Jones

George Allen at the VAR Legislative Convention, tells of Deacon Jones kicking a field goal with Joe Theismann holding the ball ...

NFL finds footage of famed Sonny Jurgensen behind-the-back pass

NFL finds footage of famed Sonny Jurgensen behind-the-back pass NFL finds footage of famed Sonny Jurgensen ...

Sonny Jurgensen

Decades before RGiii was even born, Sonny Jurgensen riddled enemy defenses for the Redskins with picture-perfect bullets.

HBO Sports Documentary: Lombardi - Joining the Redskins (HBO)

Hall of Famers Sam Huff and Sonny Jurgensen remember the huge impact Vince Lomabrdi had when he arrived at the Redskins.

Salute to Sonny Jurgensen | Special Coverage w/Andy Pollin pt.1 of 3

As heard on ESPN 630AM. Andy Pollin anchors this three hour special salute to Sonny Jurgensen.

Sonny Jurgensen & Billy Kilmer Talk Redskins Draft

Washington Redskins Greats Sonny Jurgensen & Billy Kilmer sat down with to discuss the Draft, Kentucky Derby ...

tom brady SONNY JURGENSEN Elite QB: What He Would Have Done to Dolphins "Perfect Season"

Sonny Jurgensen retired in 1974 as the Highest Rated QB in NFL History. Age 40 He Led the NFC in Passer Rating and was 2nd ...

1974 Washington Redskins at St. Louis Cardinals Highlights

Roger Wehrli picked off Sonny Jurgensen's first pass of the game as the Cardinals beat the Skins 23-20 at Busch Stadium.



Sonny Jurgensen Announces Retirement

Sonny Jurgensen announced his retirement tonight, August 8th, 2019 at The Washington Redskins pre-season game versus ...

NFL Year In Review 1964

Watch this NFL Year in Review from 1964 when quarterback Sonny Jurgensen comes to the Washington Redskins and wide ...

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