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Farewell Matt Werkmeister! (Zeke Kinski- 2005-2011)

This Is The 5TH Official Video For The Kimmy Channel! Enjoy!

Zeke Kinski/Matthew Werkmeister

Funny Clips of Matthew Werkmeister aka Zeke from Neighbours.

Neighbours Q&A - Matt Werkmeister (Zeke Kinski) & Kaiya Jones (Sophie Ramsay) - Part 1

Matt and Kaiya give us some hints as to Zeke and Sophie's upcoming return to Erinsborough Subscribe for more exclusive ...

Neighbours Q&A - Matt Werkmeister (Zeke Kinski) & Kaiya Jones (Sophie Ramsay) - Part 2

Matt and Kaiya tell us about their favourite storylines from their time on Neighbours - what were your favourite Zeke and Sophie ...

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Matthew Werkmeister on the set of Neighbours.

Chris and Josh - Busy (Season 1 Finale)

Chris & Josh Episode 16 - Busy After a big year, Chris & Josh remember the adventures they had. In show-stopping style.

Matthew Werkmeister

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Matt Werkmeister asks for autographs

To prepare him for asking Lilly Allen for her autograph when she vists the set of Neighbours, The Hump Day Crew send Matt ...


Actor Matt (aka Sven) Werkmeister talks about Barry Lowe's 'The Death of Peter Pan' commencing its season at Chapel Off ...

Chris & Josh - Mother's Day

Chris & Josh Special Episode - Mother's Day It's Mother's Day, so Chris's Mum is coming to visit. However, her track record for ...

Chris and Josh - News

Chris & Josh Episode 12 - News Josh has some exciting news... what could it be?

Chris and Josh - Viral

Chris & Josh Episode 8 - Viral Josh has internet fame in his sights - he wants to create a viral video that will be viewed by millions ...

Chris and Josh - Doctor

Chris & Josh Episode 1 - Doctor Whilst playing Playstation and Xbox, Chris asks Josh a simple question - What are you up to ...

Chris and Josh - Backpacker

Chris & Josh Episode 6 - Backpacker The boys decide to take in an English backpacker, as they think it's the nice thing to do.

Chris and Josh - Mother

Chris & Josh Episode 9 - Mother It's Chris's Mum's birthday. So Chris spends the day with her to celebrate and also catch up.

Chris and Josh - Twins

Chris & Josh Episode 11 - Twins When the xbox controller runs out of batteries, Josh asks for help... but who comes to the rescue?

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