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1900s Silent Film Comedian Louise Fazenda

Reel #: 1551 TC In: 012511 TC Out: 012540 This clip is available for licensing without time code and logo - To inquire about ...

extrait de Fatty's tintape tangle avec Louise FAZENDA

Appelée en France Philomène Louise Fazenda était plutôt une phénomène et un véritable clown.

HEARTS AND FLOWERS (1919) (ext) - Ford Sterling, Louise Fazenda

So here's another one of Ford's faces.... from 1919 this is an extract from the wonderful HEARTS AND FLOWERS co-starring the ...

1915: A Hash House Fraud (Chester Conklin, Louise Fazenda, Hugh Fay)

Crazy goings on for The Keystone Kops Cast Hugh Fay ... The Hash House Owner Louise Fazenda ... The Cashier Fritz Schade .

1915: Willful Ambrose (Mack Swain, Louise Fazenda, Vivian Edwards)

Marksman Ambrose accidentally shoots a beer stein his wife has bought for him as a gift, so he tries to replace it. Cast Mack ...

A VERSATILE VILLAIN (1915) -- Charley Chase, Louise Fazenda, Minta Durfee, Hank Mann

A VERSATILE VILLAIN (1915) Starring: Charles Parrott (Charley Chase), Louise Fazenda, Minta Durfee, Hank Mann, Bobby ...

Louise Fazenda - Early life

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THE LIGHTHOUSE BY THE SEA 1924 - Rin Tin Tin, William Collier Jr., Louise Fazenda DVD, MP4

Rare Silent Film - Best Quality Available - Hard to Find DVD on email - Contact: [email protected] Subtitles: ...

A Hash House Fraud - Keystone Cops

Mack Sennett directed this June 1915 short starring Louise Fazenda, Nick Cogley, James T. Kelly, Chester Conklin and Hugh Fay.

Silent Comedy, 1920s - Film 8596

American silent comedy from the 1920's. Cyclists on tandem overtake James Finlayson on horse. Police officer on bike. Louise ...

"Ambrose's Lofty Perch" -- Keystone Comedy (April 3, 1915)

Starring Mack Swain, Louise Fazenda, Don Barclay. Directed by Dell Henderson. One reel.

THIS IS YOUR LIFE MACK SENNETT 1952 - Vernon Dent, Andy Clyde, Harold Lloyd

Also with Louise Fazenda, Minta Durfee, Chester Conklin, Hank Mann.

The Charleston 1930

From the movie: WIDE OPEN 1930 This is mostly a vocal, but whoever this guy is he does a pretty good Charleston starting at ...

BOMBS AND BRIDES- (1916) Charles Murray, Louise Fazenda, Mary Thurman

When a new reformist mayor refuses to cave to corruption, his opponents plot terroristic reprisal. Their efforts go awry in very goofy ...

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