Joey Mantia – video

Joey Mantia Parking Lot Sessions Episode 1 - Park and Ride Draper, UT

Parking lot sessions are exactly what they sound like: see a decent parking lot with a cool view, skate it. This one is the Park and ...

Joey Mantia explains his DRYLAND workout

Inline World champion Joey Mantia takes you through a detailed explanation and exhibition of his dryland workout routine ...

Joey Mantia Inline Treadmill Workout With Walkthrough Narration

One of my inline treadmill workouts, talking through what I'm focusing on, the mistakes I'm making, and what I see as the video ...

EASY WAY TO DOUBLEPUSH workout with Joey Mantia

Joey Mantia revealing secrets to an easy doublepush on inlines. 28 times inline skating World champion coaching inliners in ...

Guarne 2010 - Powerslide VideoLog 08 - The Joey Mantia Show (500m and 1.000m)

Here is the POWERSLIDE TV VideoLog 08 from Guarne, Colombia. This PS videolog is all about US powerhouse Joey Mantia, ...

Joey Mantia Inline skating doublepush super slowmotion

Joey Mantia. 28 times Inline skating World Champion and Olympian speedskater. Skating behind a car at 60km/h doing ...

Everyday Is Leg Day Joey Mantia Double Push

Took the GoPro out today for a lap around Liberty Park in Salt Lake City #Seven9 #EverydayIsLegDay.

Joey Mantia Learn to skate fast - Best Inline exercise!

World Champion legendary inline skater Joey Mantia explains and demonstrates a special exercises to become a faster ...

Road To Sochi - Joey Mantia

short video of training clips with an original voice over.

Inline Skating exercises with Joey Mantia - BASICS

Joey Mantia coaching Squat drills. 28 times inline skating World champion sharing secrets to a better position on skates. Do you ...

Joey Mantia 300M sprint New World Record

Joey Mantia 300 m world record Haining 2009.

Control your skates better with Joey Mantia

Joey Mantia explaining how to control your skates better. 28 times inline skating World champion sharing secrets to get more ...

Joey Mantia Inline Treadmill 30mph

Raw clips of my treadmill efforts today. The whole session was about 40 minutes, so I just picked a few of my favorites.

Joey Mantia Crossover guide Inline Skating

Joey Mantia coaching crossover. 28 times inline skating World champion sharing secrets to better crossover technique on skates.

Joey Mantia - Inline Indoor skills! Step-by-step exercise tutorials

World Champion Joey Mantia showing off his indoor skills on inline. Step by step exercises explainations. Applies to beginners ...

World championship 2010 inline speed skating final men 1000m Guarne

1 Joey Mantia 2 Andres Munoz 3 Jorge Luis Cifuentes 4 Bart Swings 5 Davide Amabili 6 Juan Cruz Araldi.

Joey Mantia - Training Day

inline treadmill, weighted dryland, turn cable.

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