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My Easy Everyday Make Up Look! | A Relaxing GRWM & Some Of My Absolute Favorite Must Haves!

In today's video I go over my everyday make up routine. I've listed everything I mention in the video down below! Thank you for ...

Chick Surfing The Smallest Waves!!! (7.24.11)


Jenn Tracker Gets Infected With ‘The Gay’

jenntracker #thetrackers #timtracker.

Local YouTube Sensations

Local YouTube Sensations Tim & Jenn Tracker on Good Day Orlando #FOX35 Follow:

We're Pregnant!

In today's vlog we share some super exciting happy news with you guys! We're having a baby! We still can't believe this is real life.

Baby Jackson Is Finally Here! | Our Labor & Birth Story

We're back from our break with our favorite vlog yet, the birth of Jackson. We've waited so long to meet him and he's finally here!

Jenn Tracker Has Bad Table Manners

Jen Tracker showing off just a small example of her talking with food in her mouth at Walt Disney World. #funny #disney ...

Jenn's Birthday!!! Oh And An Engagment!!! (11.24.10)

FaceBook - Twitter - ...

It's A Jenn Tracker Birthday Pajama Party! 11/22/14

Long workdays and horrible traffic couldn't keep us away from helping to celebrate the Jenn Tracker's most excellent birthday!

Jenn's Disney Mouse Ear Collection Part 1!!

Today's vlog is part one of Jenn's minnie/Disney inspired ear headband collection! Be on the look out for part two soon! Thank you ...

BEARDTOBER feat. Tim and Jenn Tracker!

Aside from having an awesome beard, Tim lives up in Orlando with his wonderful wife Jenn, and they make exciting daily vlogs.

Jenn Tracker Introverted Like ‘Woah’ and Judging Parenting Skills - Disney Vlogger Edits

timtracker #thetrackers #disneyvlogger In this episode we explore further into the past of the Trackers including Jenn's claimed ...

Tim and Jenn Tracker React to Their Apology Video

Because I know some people will think this is real or think that I am trying to pass this off as real, THIS IS A JOKE! Not trying to ...

Getting Married At Hogwarts!!! (6.3.11)

Today was our wedding day! We originally planned to get married on the hulk roller coaster at universal studios islands of ...

Ark Encounter - Featuring Adam the Woo, Tim Tracker and Jenn Tracker

If you would like to make a contribution, my Patreon can be found here Check out my ...

Jenn's Disney Mouse Ear Collection Part 2!

Today's vlog is part two of Jenn's Minnie/Disney inspired ear headband collection! Be on the look out for part three soon!

Our Wedding At A 13th Century Church (6.17.11)

We have traveled to Ireland and planned to have our marriage blessed! we had our wedding ceremony in the united states to ...

Is Jenn Ready To Have A Baby?!? (11.12.11)

That is the question that everyone is asking after jenn tried to hold a baby at work the other day. ADD US ON GOOGLE PLUS!

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